Computer Instructor assisting students

25 Years and Counting...

With more than 25 years of experience in the computer training industry, Summit Training strives to ensure that customers are treated with a high level of customer service, that their real training needs are met and that their training dollars are well spent. Summit Training's students will be taught by instructors who have a proven track record of excellence and expertise and who genuinely want to help people.


L inda Pearson, the original founder of Summit Training was involved in teaching people how to use computers since 1973 where she organized and ran one of the first Word Processing centers in southern California. Early in her career she learned that the available training courses worked well in the classroom but left the students unable to transfer learned skills to the workplace. Generally, this was because most available classes taught students how to edit already-created documents, but didn’t teach them how to deal with real world documents or the error messages that suddenly pop up.
In the 1980s, Ms. Pearson began offering classes that taught students:
  • How to create documents from the beginning
  • How to deal with common problems
  • Where to look for the answer to questions that come up when working with the software
Summit Training continues this tradition today.
Training classes:

  • Public classrooms
  • Onsite at a client location
  • Online in an interactive, virtual classroom
  • One-on-one
We also offer Support, Coaching and Consulting